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Alegria International, the real estate agency in Torrevieja
+34 966 444 434

About us - we help and advice you by your side.

A satisfied customer is our best advertisement!

From the first contact through to moving into your new home in Spain. Our international team of real estate professionals and legal advisers are here to help you in every situation.

Through our many years of real estate experience and good relations with the authorities, we can, even in difficult situations, make your wishes be quickly true.

You want to buy?

We offer a variety of inexpensive real estate directly from the owners. This means for you, there is no other agency involved, simplifying the purchase process and is more secure, since all documents are checked by us in-house legal department. Whether new construction, existing homes, bank exploitation, land or land for construction, projected new buildings or commercial property, you've come to the right place.

You want to sell?

If you want to sell a property, you can completely rely on us and do not need many different agencies in different languages to ​​negotiate. We maintain good relationships with trustworthy partners and to offer your property as at a variety of other real estate agencies, which naturally multiplies your sales opportunities extremely. And you have only one partner!

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